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3 JAMB Cheats That Will Probably Be Cancelled In 2019

We all know that the JAMB 2019 registration is around the corner and many students have begun to prepare to smash JAMB 2019 exam.

The above does not also contradict the fact that many people are set to pass JAMB with cheating, its unfortunate to know some people are trying to do this in JAMB 2019.

Forget about this is Nigeria, that you can cheat. Although my mind tells me that you reading this have no plans searching for JAMB cheat websites or latest JAMB 2019 cheat. In case you have it in mind, it will interest you to know the 3 JAMB cheats that will probably be canceled in 2019.

Let’s dive in straight to the matter, I don’t want to waste even the little of your time, quick read on to find out.

JAMB cheats that will die in 2019

Below are the JAMB cheats we wish to say goodbye to in 2019.

1. JAMB exam impersonation:

Some people allow someone else to enroll his/her fingerprints on their behalf during JAMB registration so they can write JAMB for them, while some will smuggle JAMB machinery to the exam hall to sit and write for them. They usually do this with some corrupt JAMB center coordinators, and JAMB invigilator, this will probably be canceled.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board are not smiling this time around, they have set measures to handle this and don’t even be surprised if you are arrested after writing and scoring high in JAMB when they will find out your foul play pre-JAMB and during JAMB.

2. JAMB Expo (JAMB Answers Few Hours Before Exam)

JAMB has developed sophisticated exam software that will render the efforts of perpetrators or examination malpractices useless.

If you are looking for where to subscribe in order to get JAMB 2019 answers on your mobile phone few hours or minutes before the JAMB exam, wake up from your dream and begin to face reality, this will probably be canceled in 2019.

It will interest you to start reading your books, and never allow anyone to deceive you into paying money to them for JAMB expo.

They do not have access to JAMB questions before the exam, JAMB questions cant be the same for all the candidates, they different in arrangements and also questions.

You JAMB question number one can be that of number twenty for the other person, and you number question about ruminant animal and the other person’s own about plants feeding mechanism.

Wise up and know this JAMB cheat will die in 2019.

JAMB is becoming stricter with days…

3. Smuggling Phones into JAMB exam hall

The JAMB cheat of smuggling phone into the exam hall will be a thing of the past, if this is part of your preparation for JAMB 2019 exam, kindly forget about it.

JAMB will not allow candidates to come near the CBT centers with their mobile phone or any other electronic devices, including wrist watches then to talk of getting with them into the exam hall.

Why will you even try going into the JAMB exam hall with a mobile phone, what are you going to do with it?

Browse JAMB answers online, wait for someone to send you JAMB answer on WhatsApp, text message or you want to phone a friend to provide you with JAMB 2019 answers? I was just imagining what you want to use the phone for.

Well, you might be wondering how does this concern me, you will have yourself to blame if you are being a stubborn student not to listen to JAMB advice from us and do things the other way round.


I wish to draw the curtain, for now, stay tuned for the latest JAMB 2019 news, have promised to take you by the hand pointing at things to do in JAMB and things not to do until we are sure that success if near and achieved.

We can’t wait to hear from you through comments below.

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