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How To Score 250 To 350 In JAMB 2019/2020 CBT Exercise

Scoring 250, 300 in JAMB or even more, is possible to you. You can be the next person to break the JAMB 2019 record, find out how?

How can I score between 250 and 350 in JAMB 2019? This is the question some students have asked me and I will be honest with you in this post on how to score 350 in JAMB without cheating. This could be the latest JAMB cheat you need to pass JAMB successfully.

If you are able to score 250 in JAMB 2019, congratulation it is a big JAMB mark, what about scoring 300 or 350 in JAMB? That sounds pretty great, and then you are a top student.

I know you want to pass JAMB with flying colors and that is why you are reading this, make sure you read to the end so at least you can score 250 in JAMB this will place you on a good position to gain admission into a school of your choice with the desired course.

Passing JAMB isn’t what you should kill yourself in doing or try visiting a native doctor or a prophet, I will outline things you need to get done in order to score high in JAMB.

How To Score High In JAMB 2019

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam is a transparent one that you just need not worry about, your score is your mark no cheating.

1. Stop procrastinating

Do not read for JAMB tomorrow but today…

If you are still waiting for the JAMB 2019 exam date to be announced before you can start reading your books, then you should stop at this point.

Stop asking “when should I start reading for 2019 JAMB” there’s no general time to start reading for JAMB this is what you should start immediately as soon as you can.

Early reading for JAMB exam will help you cover the required JAMB textbooks and even revise them before the 2019 JAMB exam date.

Don’t play around and start reading only a few days to the exam. If you fail to plan, probably you have planned to fail.

Please start reading for JAMB 2019 now, I don’t want you to fail, Myschool Breeze doesn’t want you to fail JAMB 2019. So start reading now and make us proud.

2. Look for a weak link in the chain of power

Failure is like a criminal it takes advantage of one’s weakness, a precaution to stay safe, is finding out these weak link in the chain of power and fix them immediately.

Trying to ignore your weakness is the worst thing that can happen to you as a student preparing for an exam.

If there’s any topic you don’t like, and why would you hate the subjects you are going to write in your JAMB 2019? If this is your problem, you should try different approaches to studying such subjects so you develop a passion for it and begin to love it gradually.

You can always ask someone to help you out in anywhere you are confused or not too sure about the right options.

Stop saying “I hate mathematics, chemistry, physics” etc. start loving them and you will score high in JAMB 2019.

Find out 12 Reasons why you may fail JAMB in 2019

3. JAMB Syllabus is free 

Should you neglect JAMB syllabus because it is free?

This is one of the most crucial things everyone going for the JAMB 2019 exam should pay good attention to and make proper use of it.

JAMB syllabuses for all subjects are fashioned to help make students have a guide as they prepare for JAMB next year.

It contains the recommended and pattern of questions for JAMB, that candidates should know about in detail. Download JAMB syllabus PDF for free.

4. Download JAMB past questions

If you are asking “where can I download JAMB past questions PDF?” or “where can I download JAMB past questions and answers for free?” don’t worry we have done the hard work so you don’t have to. Download JAMB past questions here for free.

The only 2019 JAMB expo you need is to click here to download free JAMB past questions and answers to start practicing.

JAMB past questions will play a very crucial role in letting students who are yet to sit for JAMB have a view of likely JAMB 2019 questions or pattern of asking JAMB questions. Then you can try attempting such questions, record your result on a sheet of paper and always crosscheck with your teacher if you are unsure about anything.

Another legit JAMB 2019 cheat is that JAMB is found repeating questions, and this is more of the reasons you should study JAMB past questions with seriousness for you know not where the 2019 JAMB questions are coming from.

5. Enroll For JAMB Extra Classes

This is not what should cause you stress.

Look for a nearby JAMB lesson center and register to start receiving tutorials on how to solve difficult JAMB questions with ease.

You can still study hard for JAMB on your own, without going to any JAMB lesson center. You can achieve that by deciding your time of studying (Create a study timetable) and make sure there are no distractions as you study for JAMB.

Remember that a friend who has writing JAMB before can also contribute to your success by sharing his/her JAMB experiences with you.

6. Take the JAMB 2019 Recommended Novel Serious

After a successful JAMB 2019 registration, candidates will be issued a novel to read for the 2019 JAMB screening exercise, don’t play with this. Take it seriously and study it very well.

It will surprise you to see that JAMB sets about 10 to 15 or even more questions from the recommended novel in case you are still asking “how many questions will JAMB set from the novel?” no one can tell actually and where they might decide to ask you questions from.

Using a summary of the JAMB novel might help you cover a lot within a short period of time but I can’t recommend this as they could be errata in the copy you have. So always make use of the original JAMB novel as provided, if you want to write JAMB and pass excellently.

7. Avoid Reading & Sleeping

Some candidates preparing for JAMB 2019, could be seen sleeping in at the school library, at home and at any point they bring out their books to read.

Sleep is natural, but this should stop us from something great, something that has a great connection without future. Or do you want to write JAMB, fail and stay at home for the next one year because you can sleep while reading?

If you are guilty of this, you seriously need to learn how to read for long hours without sleeping.

8. Find Out The Best Time To Study

Some school of thoughts is of the opinion that there’s no such thing as the best time to study but according to research, someone people tends to understand what they are studying at a certain time. Some candidate will understand better when they study in the morning while some in the afternoon and the rest in the evening or at night.

This is what everyone needs to find out. You can find out the best time to study and memorize, using a popular study technique called the “My School Breeze Formula”.

Know that how long you read won’t make you score high in JAMB next year if you are not able to memorize what you have studied.

9. Put Yourself To Test

If you want to score high in JAMB next year, then this is what you have to do often to know your capacity in attempting JAMB questions before the exam date.

After studying, you can close your book, try solving some JAMB questions and hand it over to your friends to access your performances and give you a score.

10. Learn how to make use of the computer

Its been a while JAMB decided to go CBT (Computer Based Test) for all the candidates writing JAMB, we have said goodbye to JAMB paper and pencil long ago. Yet it is alarming to see that some students go for JAMB screening exercise without any atom of computer literacy.

Can’t you see this person don’t want to score high in JAMB?

Enroll in a nearby computer center for JAMB CBT practice, so at least you know how to handle the mouse, enter you 2019 JAMB reg no. and start your examination.

11. Make use of JAMB CBT software

There is various JAMB CBT software available at the Google play store for download, some are free while you are required to pay a token in order to have access to other premium JAMB CBT software.

Download and install the JAMB CBT software on your smartphone and begin to make attempts solving JAMB questions available on the software. You can practice JAMB on your phone.

Majority of the software has a timer and will log you out once the time is up and will display your JAMB score for you to view.

12. Mind your business

Pass JAMB on your own (OYO), stop talking or discussing with the person next to you even if the person is your brother, sister or friend.

Would you want to stand up during JAMB exam for some minutes or hours even? This will kill your time, avoid it so you can concentrate and score high in JAMB 2019.

Ignore anyone hissing at you or giving you a sign during JAMB exam.

Over To You!

Now that I have shown you how to write JAMB 2019 and score between 250 and 300 in JAMB, what’s your take on this, is it something possible to you, or impossible and why do you think so? Let us know through comments below. Stay connected to our blog for the latest JAMB 2019 news.

Please don’t keep this to yourself, keep sharing this on WhatsApp until it gets to someone who wants to score high in JAMB next year.

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